Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Wow! It's been awhile since I have written. 
I wanted to give you all an update on things, 
so you will want to peep at this post.

First... Happy Resurrection Day! (Easter) 
I love bunnies and all the lovlies that go with the decorations, 
but they just don't seem to mean anything to me as far as what they have to do with this day. 

Jesus gave up so much to ignore His sacrifice for us.
I hope your day is blessed!

I know Mother's Day is a little bit ahead of us,
 but I also know that getting things taken care of early is a plus 
for all shoppers who are buying for Moms, Sisters, Aunts etc. 
and I wanted to get this out so you could 
take advantage of the goodies below.

Before we go too far, here is a little note:

When you are on my Blog itself, 
you can see to the right my Etsy shops, 
where all items I sell there are accessable to you. 

All you have to do is click it and off you go... shopping made easy, right?

 I have decided to slim down on some of the items 
I am selling and one of those is my 
Sweet Pickins Paint Line.  

I LOVE them still, but it is one of the lines I chose to let go.  

This is sad for me but it is good for you, 
as I have made all the 

Sweet Pickins Line at Clearance Prices, 
and that means they are ready for you to get for way less!  

I am happy to offer them this way, and believe me 
I know what getting things for less means. 

So jump on over and grab something great for your
Mother's Day gift giving.
You will get and additional 10% off with our
Mother's Day Sale
starting today!

The sale includes my
door knobs too!

My Door Pulls/Knobs and
Sweet Pickins paints 
make great gift baskets!


Cork Bellas are also on sale starting today in my
MMVintage Sweets shop

Happy Easter! Happy Mother's Day!
Until next time...God bless you really good!

Monday, November 20, 2017

NEW Cork Bellas

Hi Everyone,
I have NEW Cork Bellas
 ready for Christmas! Yay! 
Beautiful, Gorgeous and so Lovely to look at.

I love making these. They are great fun!
They are only available on
and in a very limited supply.
Other designs are also available along with
this year's Christmas Line
  All worth a peek. 
My Vintage Cork Bella Book vol. 1 
is available for those of you who
would like to make your own Cork Bellas.
Here is the book for you. 

While you are visiting my web site,
I would like to invite you to sign up for
my email newsletters and promotions
 (here).  I am working hard 
at making Kimberly Madson Art & Design 
web page, my main page, and 
I would love to see all of you there too.
 The blog will continue,
 and I will be posting all my
new and fun things here too.

web site you can purchase the items 
featured here, so you don't have to try 
to find them all over the internet.

(Table place mat has matching napkin)

Another site I am hard at work on 
is Spoonflower. I have some great 
fabric designs available now that come in
sample, fat quarter, and yard sizes. 
You can also find my designs
 in wallpaper or wrapping paper too.
There will be more designs to coming this year.
Right now I am in the "Gingerbread" contest.
If you are a part of the Spoonflower 
community I would 
love your vote.  
If you are new to Spoonflower 
it is a fun place to join. 
Click to see.

So there we are.  I hope to see you over
at soon.
Until then....
God bless!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Vintage Corsets Trim Fashion

New item! 

We want to introduce you to our new 

custom designed Vintage Corset trim.

It will match our 

Assorted Corsets Paris France Drawer Knobs,

 shown below.

You can create even more with this beautiful trim.

Vintage Corsets from Paris, makes beautiful borders for your sewing projects. 

This print can be used as ribbon or as 

tie backs for curtains or chair ties and the list is long....

 There are 12 designs and 24 corsets on each piece. 

Cut them apart or use them together.

 Click here

You can customize the knob color and even the printed design on the trim.

Come take a look! 

Can't wait to see you!

Friday, November 25, 2016


I have an update for the last post....

I hope your Christmas season is going well. 
I have BOGO for the Vintage Cork Bella book and the Falling in Love.  
Buy the Vintage Cork Bella and get the Falling in Love for free.
These are instant downloads and ready to go asap. 
Easy to make and awesome
for Christmas presents! 
Available on my Etsy or web page:


Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Hi Everyone,
I had a great Thanksgiving and I hope you did too. I have my next book out just today and am offering it with the first one for FREE.  Falling in Love Cork Bellas has 6 New designs and is a pdf downloadable book.  This is a limited offer for Black Friday thru Cyber Monday, so I hope you can get yours. Have a great weekend and I hope you find all your Christmas gifts at great prices! God bless, Kimberly

 Black Friday Free Offer

Friday, November 4, 2016

New Cork Bella Vintage Book is here...

I hope your Christmas season is going well. 
I have BOGO for the Vintage Cork Bella book and the Falling in Love.  
Buy the Vintage Cork Bella and get the Falling in Love for free.
These are instant downloads and ready to go asap. 
Easy to make and awesome
for Christmas presents! 
Available on my Etsy or web page:


Hope to see you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

It's HERE! Woo Hoo!!!
Click here to get yours...

See you there!

Exciting NEWS update...

Coming soon! My NEW Vintage Cork Bellas Book vol.1. 
I am just finishing the last details on it. It will be ready just
 Before Christmas!!! 
Here is the link to my web site:
Sign up for my news updates to know first when to get yours.
So excited! See you there.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Mum Mums and Your Babies Christmas Advent

Being a Grandma is such a special job. 
You are always looking for the best 
for your babies Christmas or just always.
When my 2 year old sweet baby love was 
1 year old, I wanted him to be part of our traditions
at Christmas time and be able to open
some of the little gifts that we do in our
Advent calendars, but he was too young.
He couldn't eat candies or have
small toys but he did
love Baby Mum-Mums.
I had purchased a couple of boxes for
him to stuff his stocking with when
I thought up the following idea. It was 
a great way for him to join
in at least one of our traditions.
He LOVED it!
Wasn't too sure what scissors
were and cutting, but in time he will.
This was easy to make 
and fun for him
to unwrap and eat.
Here is what you will
need to make one for your
little Bug.

*10 Baby Mum-Mums
*Wrapping paper (about 4ft.)
*Coordination ribbon
*Cute Card or Decoration to put
at the top.
Keep Mum-Mums in their wrappers

Cut a 4 ft. piece of wrapping paper into
two pieces.
Cutting LONGWAYS in half.

Cut 12 pieces of ribbon 
about 9 inches long each.

With the right side facing down,
fold the long sides in 1/3 
of the way as shown.
Do this on both papers.

Tuck a Baby Mum-Mum inside. With a 
piece of ribbon tie a knot at the 
bottom of the paper , leaving
about 2 inches. Tie another knot
at the top of the Mum-Mum.

Continue until you have 5 on each 
piece of paper. Leaving enough
room to cut at the top of each

When both sides are complete you can 
tie the tops together with more ribbon.
Fasten a name tag or other decoration
to the top of the papers that come together.

Hang your Baby Advent somewhere
that they can cut a Mum-Mum each
day when you are doing other
advent calendars.
(Note): You can make it for 
12 days of Christmas by adding
more Mum-Mums. Be sure to calculate
your paper for the extra Mum-Mums.
You could add small baby toys if you like.
I also used extra string to tie a small
pair of scissors onto the top so I
would have them to cut each day.

Have FUN!
Hope your (grand)babies love them as
much as mine did.
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!!!