Friday, August 14, 2009

What's happening...

Hey All,
Just told my Twitters about the new look for the web page. Welcome to you all who checked it out. I have a couple of drawings I am working on right now. I have been drawing like crazy this week. Gotta get em out! I want to share them soon. I am working on them in Photo Shop too, and this takes time. I am looking forward to the weekend and hope you all are doing well. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A new look for my web site...

Today was the last of getting my web site re-vamped. I have it up and running. I like it so far. I will be working on it daily and adding to it often. I am going to be loading the new Door Pulls to Etsy and the web site soon. Etsy probably first, since I have to design a new page for them on my site. I still want to have an order page for the Clipurses and other items for sale on my site as well. You can order everything through Paypal.

I also have some new designs that I am introducing here first. I have made 7 different designs from one painting of "Little Black Dress". I think they are really cute. I just thought you would enjoy seeing them. It will be a little while till I can get them into prints.

Still working hard to get it all out there. I hope you are all well and you are accomplishing all your goals and dreams. Until next time....


Sorry I forget my web pp address. Here it is:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Angels, Bees and Paris...Who could ask for more?

Favorite Photos, Angels, Bees and Paris...Who could ask for more?
I have made a special Door Pull that you can be a part of. It is a personalized Door Pull with your favorite picture. The example here turned out to be so precious. Check the link at Etsy for more information.

It is so fun to come up with more designs for the Door Pulls. I have eight new ones that I will be listing on Etsy soon, but you get to see them first. If you would like to order, just e-mail me and they will be on the way.

Until next time, Have Great August Days!