Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well it is time to write again. I have been working on a couple of custom orders and it is keeping me busy. I am happy with that though, because it means I am making money! Yes that is what I am trying to do. I took some photos of the knobs I have been doing.

This is one of my customers order. Birds on a wire.

Some of the new designs... Listings will be up soon.

I have 5 new designs I am going to introduce as soon as they get their (the knobs) photos done. They are in the drying process right now. I have another order I will be starting tomorrow and I will be finishing these up too. I am still working on Ellie and Ethan. Every time I get a piece re-done to check it I create another one to accessorize them some more. Eeeeaks. It can drive ya a bit nuts! I also made new babies that have me going. They are so cute. They will be another pattern, but I think I may sell them too. I like to make them. They are getting easy to do since I am on my 4th one now. I love to make the things for them to wear. Belinda has the sweetest hat. I think I want one for me. I really love a cute hat.

Belinda the Bee

All three of these little darlings are from one pattern. Belinda is a little bit different because I used a larger yarn type. I think she would look better if I had done her in the same as the following two.

Bitty Bunny

Bitty Bunny turned out so sweet. If they make me smile and love them I did something good. These do. Bitty Bunny has a tear. I am not sure why but it fits her. Maybe she doesn't have any bunny eggs...or one was broken....or the flower stems are poking her...mmmm oh well I will figure that out later...on to Chatter.


Chatter is the male of the pair of birds. I just figured that out tonight while naming them. I had a friend a long time ago and he named his birds Chitter and Chatter and I thought that was the most original names for them. Never forgot that so I need to make Chitter now. It will be fun and she will be just as cute. Chatter is holding a set of keys in one hand and a small bird cage in the other. Maybe Chitter will have a few hearts to fill his cage. Something lovie for sure.

Well check back soon and have a great week.  I am going to be busy.  I will be sharing more.
God Bless...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Read...Still w/o Ellie and Ethan

Hello Again,
Hope today started your week on a good note. I have begun where I left off last week. I have loaded most of what I wanted to get done but I still have more to go. I need to finish Ellie and Ethan the amigurumi elephants yet. They are coming along though.
It is Euro week and Top 10 added the theme to their site, which I added some of my things too. Euro week is one of the categories so I put them there since that is pretty much the flavor of my shops. Here is the site if you want to drop by and see. Vote too. There is some pretty cool things on there. If you like you can add yours too.

Catching up on adding some of the items I have finished and wanted to get up are on Etsy today. I introduced the Door Drops in both my shops and named the little coffee pot and cup as Cocoa Bistro. If you happen by send me a email with your opinions, I need them.

I am off to catch some zzzz. So until tomorrow...Sleep well and goodnight.

My Etsy sites are off to the right>>>>>here

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's Been a Loooong day. But...

I did get the photos I wanted to get taken today. I did get some of them edited and I did get some of my things listed. Booyah! I will not be able to be on here for the next few days so when I am able then I can share more with you. Here are a few things I have listed tonight on Etsy. So cute!
These are my little pin cushions. I use one every day and I love it!

Mini Easter Basket just to make you smile!

Sneak peak at tomorrows listings... French Cafe or Luscious Cocoa I can't decide.

and.... If I can get them finished Ellie and Ethan my little elephant amigurumis

I will be on here tomorrow if time permits to list some of the things I couldn't get to today. If you like seeing my blog please join if you haven't already. I would love to have you. Share it with others,
Later my little peeps...

Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Verge of NEW Releases...

Hello Everyone,
Happy Monday. I am just about ready to list two more patterns for Amigurumi on Madson Ave. Hopefully by Wednesday I will have them up. I have photos and patterns to complete yet so I am really hoping I can get them out by Wednesday. I also have some things for sale which I have posted here too.

These are Door Drops. They hang off your Door Pulls for a little style and class or make something chic happen in a favorite room. Really cute.

They haven't been listed on Etsy or Raverly yet.

These are the three testers I am going to start with first.

Great Service and Products:
I have used the following Etsy Sellers to order from lately and I have to say I am loving them.
The first is CLBeads
They have great charms and beads. They take a longer time to get since they are out of Canada but the wait is worth it.
Second is Super Pink Boutique
The have the cutest bobbles, lace, trims, and the berries are so sweet. Great, fun stuff and turn around time is pretty quick.

I will talk to ya all later...
God Bless...

Friday, March 11, 2011

As we go forward...

Happy Friday All. I have to say this day has been quite a sad day. My heart goes out to Japan's lovely people. Very concerning for us here in Ca. It breaks my heart to see others in such peril. They are in my prayers..
Today I did get some work accomplished so I am happy about that. I will be putting new things up in my Madson Ave Etsy soon. Cute stuff.

Tim of Handmade Design started a new site that I am participating in and it is pretty cool. Anyone in Etsy can join in and they did away with the password account sign in this time, so I like that. Jot over to look at what they have and use it if you have an Etsy shop. Vote for my listings while you are there too for me. Here is the site address:
These are my listings. They seem to be doing pretty good.
It is the weekend so enjoy yourselves, love your family and friends and God Bless You...Kimberly

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 was a slow down....

Well today wasn't so productive. It was one of those days...try as I may to get something wonderful made. I finished one small piece that I want to be better so on we go to do just that. I was a very beautiful day though. I love it when the sun shines. Yesterday I Discontinued some of my knobs, they are at a discounted price to sell them and clear them out. I finished pricing them today. Take a look...
Until tomorrow...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bubbles N Squirt are loaded...

Well today is the beginning of another week. Lots of opportunity to do some good. I have made Bubbles N Squirt available to buy on Raverly and have had alot of activity on it today. One sale which I am pleased to see too. I also posted Patience, the doll below as a finished project. Have some getting use to the way the site works. I will post again tomorrow. Have a peaceful sleep.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hey All,
Another day of sunshine on the central coast. It is Friday! Yeah! I am working on four patterns for amigarumies and hope to have them listed soon on Etsy. I am sort of new to crocheting compared to some but I have been working on the craft for about 4 years now and I really enjoy making things. I have some of my art listed on Fine Art America and they have a new gadget that I am listing here of the art that is available there. Some is digital and some are of my acrylics on canvas. They are all available to purchase. Happy weekend and I shall be back on Monday.
God Bless,

Art Prints

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still on track..

Hello All,
Still on track. Day 2 of making sure I am on here. I added a hot little Treasury on Etsy today. I love them all.
I especially think the masks are over the top. Tom Banwell makes them. If you have a chance take a look. Here is the link:

Have a great night. Kimberly

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today is already March 2nd. My youngest grandson is 2 today. He is so precious. I haven't been on here as much as I should be so I have made a goal for myself to really start Blogging.
I have opened another Etsy site for my crochet and amigurmui pieces. Here is the link. I have been doing a lot of pieces lately. I write the pattens down as I go and now I am just trying to get them made again from the patterns to make sure there isn't any errors. The doll that is featured here today is something I started and then put down. Her hair is just fab. but it takes a long time to get it all done. Dedication to get it done too. If anyone wants to share their crocheting that they have done please send me a pic and I will share it here.

I have been busy with my other Etsy site too, it is doing really well. I have new knobs to add soon and have added new ones since I was on here last.
Well I would love to hear from any one any time...

Until next time,