Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Flowers

Happy Easter to you and your families! It is the time to be thankful for what this holiday really means.  Jesus is risen.  That is a marvelous thing!

Easter flowers from my garden and camera to celebrate! 
Have a wonderful Easter Day.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ladybugs and a Little Stinker

I thought I would share some really cute pics.  This is my dog Misty.  She is a sweet little friend.

I asked my son to plant veggies this year and he has marvelously done so.  Yesterday he released lady bugs in the yard to eat the bugs.   My daughter-in-law and I had a photo frenzy when he did.  What fun.  This morning we had even more...

My grandsons thought it was bug collecting time.  We had a few in the house when it was all over.

 I did some nice editing for these.

There are a few that I will be playing with.

I have been working on custom orders and keeping busy, of course.  Have a wonderful weekend.
God bless You!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ellie n Ethan are ready to go...

Howdy All,

I finally have my little elephants up and ready.  They are really sweet and easy to do.  Check em out at:

There are two sizes and types to this pattern.  The can be jointed or just stitched together. There is instructions for larger yarn and the original smaller yarn.  Ellie here is made with the smaller yarn and Ethan the larger size. 
Shoes, hats and her dress are included.

If you have any comments please feel free to send them.

Have a grand night,  Kimberly

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bitty Bunny is doing well...

Hello All,
I hope all is well with you.  I found a new site to share with you.  If you are already a member give me a shout and hook up.  Pinerest.  I love this site.  You do have to ask for a invite to join the site.  It takes them about a week to get back to you.  I feel it is totally worth it. I have met so many nice people and found some awesome things. Everything good is in there and more is coming and your can add whatever you like to make it better.  Each member has their own place to collect whatever makes them happy.  I really enjoy being on it.  Please come and look and if you decide to join let me know and I will follow you.  It is also a great avenue for placing your work on.  So much good stuff.
I have listed the pdf for Bitty bunny and it is doing well.  I am still working on Ellie and Ethan the elephants yet.  Soon to be...

New knobs to take a look at too.  Just click the Etsy banner on the left and you will be there...

I made this set of 25 for my husband for our trailer and they look awesome in there.  He was thrilled with them. I love them.

These are the trailer pics...

If you have a blog I can follow please send me the link to do so.  Until next time...God Bless You!