Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dresser Design with links

completed design
Today I have been working on my knobs and so I decided to make a tutorial, sort of 
on the process of getting them on an unfinished dresser. So here goes... 
The first step I did was find this little dresser.  It was at the Goodwill and I bought it for $6.97.  
What a deal! Nothing is wrong with it at all!  WoooHooo!
 I cleaned it up which didn't take long because it was pretty clean to start with 
and took off the original knobs.

Then I designed what I wanted to have on it for the background. I decided to leave it the original finish so I can change it later to display more knobs when they are finished.    If you want to make the letters on your dresser, using stencils will do nicely.They have really a nice selection at the craft stores.
 I placed my new knobs that I have listed tonight 
on the front of the dresser. Screwed the backs in and I was done.  Great knobs on a cool find...

I hope you liked the tutorial.  Let me know please... Thanks and have a wonderful week...Until next time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kimberly's Blog: I Love Milk Chocolate to be sure...

Kimberly's Blog: I Love Milk Chocolate to be sure...

I Love Milk Chocolate to be sure...

I love Chocolate!  I love milk chocolate to be sure.  Tell you why later in the letter....

Hi All, Here I am once again to share with you my goings on.  I hope you are doing well.  I have been very busy.  We are now up and running on our newest site on Etsy M&M Vintage Sweets.  It is going good.  It is alot of work and 3 shops is a big undertaking for me. I love it though and wouldn't have it any other way. I am working on new things all the time. My daughter-in-law is doing the same with her items. 
Here is new stuff to catch up on:
  Baby part of the new Beyond Button Collection designs.  Some of the art is from Bessie Pease Gutmann  Some other designs include vintage paper doll clothes, which are just the sweetest and my own art of course.

Hello Baby... Each one is made of wooden buttons, beads, charms and ribbon to make these cute necklaces.

Cute vintage rings are available and go with the necklaces.  They are each set in a vintage setting that is adjustable and make sweet gifts for young and older girls alike. 
Very chic!

Treasured Vintage Times Necklace  
In the Gibson Girl style designs. 

This awesome watch, "Singing in the Rain" is one of 2 designs and the one shown here with the white face, took quit a while to get.  I love it. The Black faced is the other, "Antique Bronze Pocket Watch with Fairy and Vintage Heraldry Button"
"Treasures In The End" necklace is very original and unique.  

If you read these bookmarkers are a must.  I love them when I am reading. They are great when you want to take a small note. Each one is made of beautiful velvet ribbons, vintage cards and all different kinds of charms, buttons, beads and crystals. Some vintage some new.
 Some more of the things I have been making... 
Blue Daisey
Pink Lemonade Blush


 Now for the Chocolate...
This is a luscious chocolate velvet necklace with a beautiful swirled pendant and 2 silver
cones to dangle down the back.
Just listed today and yummy to wear!

Until next time...God bless you really good!


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