Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas Cork Bella Vintage Hangers for you to see

Update...I have released my NEW Book available now! 
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New Book for Christmas is coming soon...
God bless...

Cork Bella Vintage update...

As I promised in my last post, earlier today, to have New Christmas Cork Bella Vintage hangers for you soon, I have to tell you they were picked up by a nice man in Texas.  He saw the new listings on Etsy and wanted the Christmas ones, sight unseen plus more.  So I will be making new ones to sell as soon as I can.  I will be posting the ones I just sold so you all can see them as well.  They are really very nice.
I have added 2 charm bracelets that my daughter-in-law Bree makes.  Check them out they are just the cutest!

Vintage Sweets for You!

New Cork Bella Vintage items are being posted today and I will be posting new Christmas designs very, very soon.  I just need to post them.  So if you have been waiting for them they are here and more is on  the way.  Thank you for being patient with me on these.  They go so fast and take a lot of time to make.  Here are a few that went out today on my Etsy Vintage Sweets.(

I have added other items I just listed.  Here are a few...
 Vintage Matchbox with OPAs. Know what they are?

From the Good Ole Days...

Avon Christmas Collector Plates 1976-1980

 ...and From the really Good Old Days

Vintage Oshkosh Tweed Train Travel Case

Vintage Skyway Luggage Travel 1948 Make-Up Case

I am always looking on a Blog and they show such nice things, but I don't ever see them for sale. So I thought I would post mine for you.  Enjoy!