Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby Mum Mums and Your Babies Christmas Advent

Being a Grandma is such a special job. 
You are always looking for the best 
for your babies Christmas or just always.
When my 2 year old sweet baby love was 
1 year old, I wanted him to be part of our traditions
at Christmas time and be able to open
some of the little gifts that we do in our
Advent calendars, but he was too young.
He couldn't eat candies or have
small toys but he did
love Baby Mum-Mums.
I had purchased a couple of boxes for
him to stuff his stocking with when
I thought up the following idea. It was 
a great way for him to join
in at least one of our traditions.
He LOVED it!
Wasn't too sure what scissors
were and cutting, but in time he will.
This was easy to make 
and fun for him
to unwrap and eat.
Here is what you will
need to make one for your
little Bug.

*10 Baby Mum-Mums
*Wrapping paper (about 4ft.)
*Coordination ribbon
*Cute Card or Decoration to put
at the top.
Keep Mum-Mums in their wrappers

Cut a 4 ft. piece of wrapping paper into
two pieces.
Cutting LONGWAYS in half.

Cut 12 pieces of ribbon 
about 9 inches long each.

With the right side facing down,
fold the long sides in 1/3 
of the way as shown.
Do this on both papers.

Tuck a Baby Mum-Mum inside. With a 
piece of ribbon tie a knot at the 
bottom of the paper , leaving
about 2 inches. Tie another knot
at the top of the Mum-Mum.

Continue until you have 5 on each 
piece of paper. Leaving enough
room to cut at the top of each

When both sides are complete you can 
tie the tops together with more ribbon.
Fasten a name tag or other decoration
to the top of the papers that come together.

Hang your Baby Advent somewhere
that they can cut a Mum-Mum each
day when you are doing other
advent calendars.
(Note): You can make it for 
12 days of Christmas by adding
more Mum-Mums. Be sure to calculate
your paper for the extra Mum-Mums.
You could add small baby toys if you like.
I also used extra string to tie a small
pair of scissors onto the top so I
would have them to cut each day.

Have FUN!
Hope your (grand)babies love them as
much as mine did.
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oh Such A Cutie!

Today I want to share the latest piece I have finished for Auntie Em's. I love how this turned out and love the
Sweet Pickins paint line I used on it.
****First Steps****
I used Flour Sack as 
the base color for the whole piece and for the
two colors, of the green and blue.

This is two pieces that come apart so
I started with the top piece and sanded it so it
had a bit of a tooth for the paint to grab.
I painted the whole piece in the Flour Sack
and added some Extra Bond,

also from SP paints, just to
make sure it would adhere to the piece.
After the paint dried I sanded it
****Painting The Top Piece****
Next I used some Vaseline in areas
so that the paint would come off in
specific spots. 
Worked great!
It sanded right off
when the paint dried,
and I began sanding again.
You can see in the photo above
the areas that are
still white is where I used the Vaseline to
get it to chip away.
****Mixing The Green Color****
I began by mixing Flour Sack and Sweety Jane,
 3 parts Flour Sack and 1 part Sweety Jane. 
It was a bit too dark and I wanted it to
be even lighter so I added more
of the Flour Sack until I got the shade I wanted.
Sorry bit I didn't measure, but easy enough.
****Mixing The Blue Color***
The Blue was a mix of Flour Sack, and
then I mixed Colbalt and Ole Blue in
randomly until I reached the color
I wanted, which was something of
a light, light blue.
Sorry, again I didn't measure.
(I cook the same way!)
I painted and sanded.
****The Drawers****
Since there are 2 drawers
I needed some knobs, but they had to
go with the theme of the piece.
I didn't have one yet...
I had been wanting to use these
 beautiful napkins
I had ordered for a
unknown future piece and
so decided this would be the one.
Since knobs is my business I began
running through all the designs I offer
and was so pleased to get to use 
these NEW little birdies.
They are so adorable
and like I said, they are NEW!
I get to use them too!!!
As you can see the napkin and the
"Birds to Sing to Me"
are a perfect match.
If you are as crazy about them as I am here is
where you can purchase a set of your own.
I don't think these napkins are still
available but Aimee has more beauties
to choose from.  Reasonable prices too.
****The Wrap Up****
I layed the napkins out the way I wanted
them and then used a clear glue to glue them
down.  When they were dry I lightly sanded them.
After a good dusting I used SP Oil Wax to
go over the whole piece.
You don't have to buff it out but I did a bit.
She is fini!

Thanks for following.  Until next time...
God Bless You Real Good!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Furniture onParade...

1.  WHO who? 

Re-finished Baby dresser with Custom Owl Knobs made to match babies d├ęcor.



2. Ciao Baby!
Re-finished Vanity with Custom "Ciao" Knobs were designed just for this piece.


Close ups


This is available at Euntie Em's in Tehachapi, CA
3. Sitting Pretty

Re-finished Chair with  character.


This was the most comfortable chair.  It has sold.
For questions on paint colors and processes please email me
Until next time....
God bless you real good!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Milk Painted Pistachio and Butter Dresser


Just finished this adorable little dresser for a customer.  I love how it turned out.  I used Sweet Pickins Milk Paint and created a new accent color using 3 of the colors in that same line, the Pistachio.  It isn't an official color for the line, it is something I made because I wanted that color for my second choice.  If you would like to purchase any of the Sweet Pickins Paints visit me on my Facebook fan page here:
or on my
Etsy here:
We try to have a new color out each month and
we have one in the works that I am excited about.
Enjoy the new project...
Until next time,
God bless,