Monday, January 26, 2015

Sewing Machine Cabinet Turned Beverage Server

Hello Again,
I wanted to say I am so thankful for all the new Likes on my Facebook Fan Page and to all the friends on my blog as well. Sausha, from Sweet Pickins is a sweetheart for posting me on her page and helping me with getting my posts out there.  Thank you Sausha.  I am grateful for you being apart of my biz re-dos.  If you are new, Welcome and if you have been with me for some time or a little while now, thank you for sticking.  I have a great time sharing with you.  I love your comments and feedback.  I wouldn't be on Facebook or my Blog if you all weren't there. Thank you, thank you!

Today I have another project to share with you.  I finished this a couple of weeks ago and it is now in Auntie Em's store in Tehachapi.

When I found this piece for sale and didn't get to see it until it was delivered to me at my home.  It had some great bones but was a little beat up and I had no ideas what I was going to start off doing.  I did my research and dug up some great designs that had been done to other pieces.  When I found my inspiration piece I began to incorporate it into my beat up little sewing machine case.  This case didn't come with a machine so someone would have to need it for the machine it was intended for or I would have to re-purpose it, so 

I re-purposed it,
BUT if you have the machine that
will fit in there, it is still useable.

This is the way it looked after I sanded it down to
get ready to be painted.

Like the way the little squares
are on the legs?  No purpose for them
except to screw the wheels on.

Pretty rough.
(This is the lid)
I decided to paint the main parts black and black stripes. 
I used Sweet Pickins "Butter" on the light
areas and then I used
Behr's black satin enamel paint for the
dark areas.
I have the
that I just LOVE but nothing matched
them so far, so I decided I would make
this piece masculine, sort of and use them.  I mean
how masculine can a sewing cabinet, really be?

(This is the front)
I collect vintage scripts for just this reason. 
 The one that is on the lid is from the 
Graphic Fairy's collection.
She has such great picks.
I am not sure where I picked this one
on the front from.
All of the designs were printed
and then I used alcohol and the
pics in reverse to apply to the painted surfaces.
I used dark wax over the whole piece
to give it a soft, and old look to
match the feel of the knobs. 

(The Four Drawers on front)
I was having a hard time trying to figure out
what a guy would do with this piece...until I thought
of it being...
A Beverage Cart.... 
 Perfect for a guy, or ladies to entertain with.
I loved how the colors went over the left over
sanded parts that had the finish still on it a bit and how the
black didn't cover all the way, but let some of the original, beautiful
stained finish through.
It was manly! and yet I am still in love
with it.
Here is the beautiful finished piece
in all it's new purpose...
No ice, I know but use your imagination...

I think it is a conversation piece, don't you?
No more wheels either.

So next time
I am going to
post a few pieces
so you can see them
w/o the processes,
and you can ask
questions if ya like.
God bless you really good,


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A New Year Ahead...the Jewelry Box part 2

Well here we are again in the new year.  So far things are humming right along.  It took me a little bit longer then expected to complete this piece, but it did turn out really nice.  I am happy with the results. is part 2 for you.

 The colors I used are from Sweet Pickins
 (available in my Etsy shop at:
in Butter and Moody Blue.

I love how the top lid and the whole piece
has a nice chippy look. 
The drawers were appliqued with papers
I purchased awhile ago from
the Graphic 45 line.
All the pages match in color and design and
are easy to use.


 I forgot to take pics of the lid in the open position and the lighting isn't what it was yesterday, as we have a rainy day today and not the best lighting.

I printed out the Charity and Faith, 
traced and hand painted them
on the side doors in the Moody Blue. 
I then distressed them. 
The doors were painted Moody Blue on the
insides and the trim on the whole piece.

I am really pleased with how this
piece turned out.
 It is now in Auntie Em's
for sale.
What a great jewelry box.
One of a kind.
 I hope you enjoyed this share. 
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Please your comments.
Until next time...
God bless you,